With Love, Evelyn McHale

by Atlas

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self released July 16, 2013


released July 16, 2013

All songs written and performed by Atlas
Recorded by Atlas @ Control Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Badami @ Portrait Recording Studios



all rights reserved


Atlas Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Old friends making music together.

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Track Name: An Elegant Self Destruction
This is a test, protesting loneliness, we’re all scared to be alone. It’s human nature, feeling jealousy, there’s nothing sacred anymore. I’m not coming down, ‘til they stop screaming, without slowing down, I’m burying myself. We’re seeing clear, it’s right in front of, every second, of every single day. Take in all the lonliness, you’ll see what it’s like you’ll see, when you are the one. Imagine you’re all alone, sitting home and waiting by the phone, what are you thinking about this time. About time you’ve had enough, I’m not the one to call your bluff, I hope it’s digging in deep, I hope it’s digging in deep. Test your faith, am I sane? I’m always the one, Test your brakes, I am sane! It’s always a tie. Test your brakes, lose control. You’ll see what it’s like, when you are the one. You’re only making this harder on yourself. Not to remind you. You made the choice now get inside your head. If I am your conscience. You’re better off alone with him instead. You’re only making this harder on yourself. You did this to yourself!
Track Name: Ticking Clock
Please ignore the way, I’m hating every day, there’s nothing left for me. And I’ll go all the way, to show I’m not afraid, and prove myself to you. I never thought I would see, all there is to see but here I am. And if you ever feel you’re all alone and you find myself in your thoughts you’ll know. Too many lost and you’re right around the corner. All you need is a soul I know. Arrive alone with a constant ticking clock. All your thoughts and your dreams just empty spots. All this time, everytime, it’s unknown to me. We’re all numb to the touch, this is getting worse. It’s a shame we only talk when something’s gone wrong, I don’t want to be the one. No! And now, this is getting worse, Oh you don’t, no you don’t. Too many lost and you’re right around the corner!
Track Name: At Least I'm Trying
Face down, shore bound, making things harder. And you are not aware of it. Each time we meet is another means to. Slow down, it’s irrelevant to think. I’m the only one who thinks, so. You need to! It’s always the same hold onto this. Never again, I’m not! No I’m not, never again. It’s always the same, hold onto this. Never again, I’m not! No I’m not. It’s funny the memories we connect with this place. I said I’d never come back here, it’s not like I wanted this for you. Living in a dead run, a misery state. It’s harder then anyway. And I’m tired of living like this. Sick on the outside looking in. Looking in, over again. If we’re not working through all of this, and I’m not trying to cope with this, then what’s the point. What’s the point? How could we know, your time it never shows. And in the end, we all end up alone.
Track Name: Guilty As Charged
I’m all alone and it’s hard to, find. What I’m taking in I’m spitting out. What you’re taking in your spitting out, swallowing me. We’re always stressed about the little things, I know. Don’t be depressed about the little things. It’s all we’ve got to show. Is it time, is it time? We’re coming back and we’re only two. Always shaking now I’m wearing thin. Another week till we come again, I’m already there. I’m done! Today! I hate this place! We’re running out! Straight to the point where we’re all headed now. There’s no me time!
Track Name: Last Ride
Lost, alone in the city. It’s my last night, and my last ride, all I can do is wait. Oh distance, you take me back in an instant. That summer we shared. What we called home. When our love was all our own. Live with hope but we’re all scared. Day or night it’s not a dream. To say that we’re all cursed. I was young and hopeful, you were handsome and gentle, now we’re a thing of the past. No, you can’t take this from me. At once we were scared, but now we’re aware, the second we try is the second we die. This and all of this, our first kiss. I cry, and cry to show you that I care. At once we were scared but now we’re aware, the second we try, is the second we die!
Track Name: Elevator
To break up, after all we’ve done. The time we’d take up, no one has won. We’d take our sides, and go to war, you can keep your pride. Please tell my Pa, I’m just like him. I’m just too frail to take it. And time goes by, that’s what they say. We drift through most of our days. Time goes by, and takes the pain. I promised you I’d make it but now I’ll never make it home. Not to be misunderstood, in leaving I feel right at home. In leaving I feel right at home.