it's haunting

by Atlas

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released March 30, 2012

Recorded by Atlas, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa



all rights reserved


Atlas Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Old friends making music together.

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Track Name: stung by a dead bee
I know I'm always avoiding, at least I'm here to agree
that you'll never want to forgive me, all alone
I don't intend to offend, I'm only here to pretend
They're always on your side, I'm hanging on for the ride to make it hard to decide
I don't intend to offend, I'm only here to pretend, step and fall just to make things worse, I don't intend to offend I'm only here to pretend, that we're always giving in
I was never one for goodbyes, we'll make it right for tonight, I'm hanging on til the end, I'm breaking down for my sins
The next day, I'm Affected!! I'm blinded by our goodbye!!
and the next day, I'm a Trainwreck!! I'm slipping by and by
You showed me something brand new, I had to try it to prove, while we're forgetting the past, we're making tracks that will last, Oh I'm Here For You!!
It's what I said, the last words, said "We're always giving in" It's tragic, self-afflicting, "We're always giving in" It's what I said, the last words, "I'm sorry" I'm breaking down til the end!!
Track Name: it's haunting
Time, it always slips away and without your kind
we're lost without you
To be the one you need me to be, its hard to take, its hard to see
Time with you is time well spent alone, Alone!!
I feel an emptiness inside my chest, without being alone, without being
All the times we had were times well spent, and I'd do it again, in another life
Now with you away, we'll dance all night, and the songs we dance to, are the ones we love too, and I'm trying to forget
So many times they say, they're in a better place, well I'm here to see, what I wanna see
I'm not making sense in the present, without being alone
I'm just looking, my place is all I need to see, avoiding obsessive habits, avoiding obsession
Now that I complete you, it's what you always wanted me to do!!
Track Name: at least i'm trying
Face down, Shore bound, making this harder
And you are not aware of it, each time we meet is another means to
Slow down, its irrelevant to think, I'm the only one who thinks, so, you need to
It's always the same, hold onto this, never again , I'm not!
It's funny the memories we connect with this place, I said I'd never come back here, It's not like I wanted this for you
Living in a dead run, a misery state, it's harder then anyway, and I'm tired of living like this, sick on the outside looking in, over again
If we're not working through all of this
And I'm not trying to cope with this
Then what's the point
How could we know, your time it never shows
And in the end, we all end up alone